Clearspace – Design and Development


This design was part of a project to move information from an old Intranet system to a new, more interactive website. The following table details the difference between the old and new websites.

Could not search for information All information is searchable
Frames made navigation difficult No frames — drop-down menus at the top of every page
Not customizable for each user Each user can customize his/her view to view what is most important information
No widgets As many widgets as you can handle
No ability to embed other websites Ability to embed HTML on any page
Adding new information requires editing entire website Adding new information is easy — create a new document, discussion or blog
No social aspect Clearspace adds a social aspect, to encourage communication between workgroups

I was responsible for designing the layout of the new website, training employees in the use of the new website, and migrating information from the old website to the new website.

Click on the Old Website and New Website links to see images. (The actual websites are password-protected.)


These are online tutorials designed to train users how to customize Clearspace for each user’s needs. I was responsible for every aspect of this project: analysis, design, content capture, editing, and implementation.

How to Customize “Your View”

How to Add Widgets

How to Customize an HTML Widget

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